Recruitment: Experimenter

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I. Requirements:

1. Organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and other majors related to chemical synthesis, with college education or above, should not be limited to previous sessions, men and women, healthy, and have no history of allergies to chemicals;

2. Familiar with basic organic synthesis operations, and can correctly record experimental phenomena and experimental results;

3. Stable personality, practical work, strong sense of responsibility, certain communication and coordination skills and written expression skills;

4. Obey work arrangements, have good professionalism and teamwork spirit, be good at thinking, dare to innovate, bear hardships and stand hard work.

5, no smoking, no bad habits.

Ⅱ. Work content:

1. Complete the project experiment process according to the project task requirements;

2. Carry out experiments and complete experiment reports according to the established synthetic routes;

3. Carefully record the experimental data, regularly organize the experimental results, and regularly report the experimental progress;

4. Obey overtime requirements according to experimental needs.

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Phone: 0512-68095917

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